Guide on how to bet on football online (For beginners)

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Stay up-to-date with the latest practical tips for betting on football at australian bookmaker . This sport has always been attractive and exciting to many people, partly because of its high winning probability and partly because players can completely decide their own win-loss ability based on real matches. You can also predict the outcome through player performance data as well as odds provided by bookmakers.
Football betting rules are diverse with each type of play, ensuring diverse betting needs. However, whether you are a rookie or an experienced professional, learning more is always necessary to increase your experience in every match.
Introduction to online football betting
Basically, online football betting is similar to traditional betting, both involving placing bets and making money. However, online betting has many outstanding advantages compared to traditional betting, specifically:
You can choose to place bets from tens of thousands to millions of dong on digital platforms.
Bet on all your favorite matches, in any league and around the world, without being limited to just one country.

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There are plenty of odds for major and minor leagues, including lesser-known ones.
Nowadays, it’s simple with just a smartphone, sitting in one place, accessing your account and placing bets without having to move anywhere to record your bets.
The transmission line on online football betting is extremely stable and the display time is accurate compared to real time.
Easy depositing and convenient withdrawal with just a few clicks…
Football betting online
For the above reasons, there are still thousands of people getting rich every day thanks to the income from online football betting. Betting regulations are not too legally binding between players and bookmakers as long as payments are fair, allowing for long-term participation in the game.
Some famous football betting websites today
Now you can sign up for these following football betting websites and start betting on every match, all of which are the leading reputable websites in Vietnam.
Guidelines for betting on specific types of odds
In online football betting, there are many different types of odds, such as European or Asian handicap, total goals, draw, win, lose… However, the most prominent and demonstrating human thinking and calculating ability are the Asian and European handicap.
How to play online football betting – Asian Handicap
The general rule of Asian handicap usually has the formula: Home team – Handicap – Away team, with the handicapped team being the upper door and the team being handicapped is the lower door. The number of goals can vary from 0.25 to N goals. At the end of the match, you will add the number of goals given to the underdog team to the overall score to compare. Whoever chooses the right door will win money at the corresponding rate.
You can follow the details on viewing the odds table and bonus winnings in the article: How to read Asian handicap football odds.
Guidelines for betting on European Handicap
There are only 3 types of bets: 1 (bet on the home team to win) – x (draw between the two teams) – 2 (bet on the away team to win). With this type of bet, you only need to choose which team will win or if there will be a draw.
For strong teams, if the winning rate is high, the odds will decrease. Each option corresponds to different bonus amounts.
The odds for each specific match may vary. You can check out detailed information on these types of bets and tips for winning at Vaobo88.
Guidelines for other types of bets:
Vaobo88 provides comprehensive guidelines for various types of bets that you can find online, including:
We will continue to update new betting options in the market. Rest assured that Vaobo88 has all your betting needs covered.
11 Tips for consistently winning at football betting:
These 13 tips have been compiled based on the experience of long-time players. They can help you preserve your capital and increase your chances of winning up to 90%:
Thoroughly research the history of past wins and recent form of both teams before placing bets.
Study everything about the players, coaches, referees, playing style and all aspects of the game.

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Always keep in mind that the higher-rated team is not always the winner.
Less is more: Don’t place too many bets or hesitate too much.
Allocate your budget wisely, use your money smartly, and never go all in on one option.
Maintain a stable and alert mental state.
Know when to stop and never be greedy.
Win the amount you are hoping for.
Lose within your personal limits.
Only place bets with reputable bookmakers.
Have your own opinion, don’t just follow the crowd.
These are general knowledge tips. At Vaobo88, we provide detailed instructions on how to handle every situation that may arise during football betting, in order to increase your chances of winning.
Can you make money from football betting?
Football betting is currently considered a form of gambling to make money. However, some people view it as a job and invest carefully.
Football betting can bring in a lot of money if you have enough luck, experience and effort. If you really enjoy this activity, then you should seriously study and invest in it.
However, you need to be in control of yourself when placing bets, avoiding the situation where you become too deeply involved and cannot control yourself. Stay calm, confident and serious to ensure success.
If you find that your life is affected too much by football betting, then please refer to our guide on how to quit football betting.

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